ios keyboard 2016

The keyboard software for the iPhone and iPad in 2016 the best application Keyboard keyboard ios

Download link is the best keyboard for the iPhone and iPad keyboard ios supports both Arabic and English, then let's agree that the primary keyboard for the iPhone and iPad is very good, but some may want more features and customizations that are available in Android.

Fortunately, you will be able to do that if you own a version of iOS 8
and beyond where you are free to change the underlying the keyboard by downloading a variety of applications that can change the primary keyboard and of course the most famous Swift.

The keyboard for the iPhone program

keyboard Swiftkey
By virtue of artificial intelligence Ripper for that application, which dramatically improved in recent times, has become a You can write very few words of By virtue of the word prediction and which is characterized by a more in English property. As for Arabic language It has special lexicon is learn from you so that you will be able to know exactly what you want after a short time, and you can change the shape of the plate and add more than 800 different languages and also supports emoticons, and is free of charge.

Swype keyboard

In the opinion comes second after Swift for being geared more for fans to write using the scroll as in the picture and also is not free, and, of course, is more accurate than its predecessor and offers great comfort while typing, and with similar characteristics and supports 71 languages and correcting errors automatically.

is not free, at a cost of $ 0.99

Keyboard Minuum

Suitable for large-sized iPhone phones more, because they support many of the customizations and better control in the appropriate settings you a beautiful flat interface, and supports the same as the previous properties and other applications.

is not free, at a cost of $ 3.99
keyboard Flesky

If you want the fastest the keyboard in the world, you are in the right place, where is the panel Flesky as well, and by the unique property that is being send images format GIF any moving, and from which you can also change the font used for density and other properties are adjustable and customization.

is not free, at a cost of $ 0.99
Keyboard TextExpander

From which you will be able to write repetitive strings better where you certain shortcuts on the keyboard set,Once written and you will see a long sentence or a few of your own sentences to be written quickly, and are available on the AutoCorrect feature and can work with many applications and issue more than 60 different iPhone and iPad application.

is not free, at a cost of $ 4.99

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