FreeMake Video Converter 4.1.9

Convert video and audio formats through the program FreeMake Video Converter

FreeMake Video Converter program
Free program also suggests his name, and you can convert video and audio formats very quickly and is easy to use and is considered the easiest of the program Format Factory.

Despite its small size, it has many great features

It supports many video formats
You can create video images via through it
Download video from YouTube (hundreds of other sites, and convert the format

Created program of two groups

A- top bar: To add video files, audio files,

Extracting video from the DVD, to add pictures, and a link from the Internet

It will be explaining each property separately ..

B- bottom bar: a component of the conversion formulas bar:

AVI, MKV, TO Apple, TO Android, TO DVD, TO Blu-ray, MP3,

TO YouTube, MP4, WMV, SWF, FLV, MPEG, TO Sony, 3GP

In addition to the new formula, a conversion to To HTML5

Downlaod Program FreeMake Video Converter 4.1.9

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