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We show you today is one of the grandest and most beautiful car racing games where it enjoys the game Monster Truck Challenge the idea of characteristic different from the rest of car games.

At first you drive really monster trucks are characterized by a strong structure with tires (big wheels) Very-sized lift the car from the ground a lot.

You have a lot of attempts, but must finish all the tests that are placed above the racetrack in full and as soon as you get up on the additional experience points and prizes.

Using the race difficult, there are a lot of obstacles in front of you in the form of paintings, wooden boxes or drums jazz explosive.

There are three types of medals and should get at least a bronze medal in order to be able to open the next level of the game.

Features of the game giant auto racing Monster Truck Challenge for PC (Game Features)

1.The diversity of the racetrack

There are a lot of race tracks of up to 15 track in separate locations in the desert amid the mountains or on the ice in the Arctic.

2. Design and Graphics

Race Cars challenged big cars is a real race and highly realistic with three-dimensional graphics and a lot of effects such as massive explosions and rise to the top because of the scattered energy on the road.

3.Medals, awards

By collecting some medals groups can open new cars bigger and more speed and power than regular trucks.

Energy used nitrogen (Nitro) to get a bigger speed and flying over wood panels easily.

Issuance of a full free game - Free
Work environment:Windows XP -Windows Vista - Windows 7 - Windows 8 - 8.1
The game developer:Caim
Operating requirements:Computer 800 MHz processor - 256 MB of Ramat
Size of the game:Almost 41 MB
Age group: all ages

Download game Racing Cars Full and Free

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