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Program is fotorus computer of the most photo editing programs and strong competitor to Adobe Photoshop in 2017 the famous often want to add some amendments to own our images in order to share it with our friends or on social networking sites, but the bulkhead behind the success of this process is the lack of knowledge and know-how to one of design programs and modifications to the images, including Adobe Photoshop thing that necessitated the need for programming some applications that facilitate this process for users without any expertise can not be in the field of design
And no graphic,Today, I will speak to you my dear ones in this article for one of the applications that I'm already used and is installed on the Android phone in spite of the large field of my knowledge of Photoshop application today is fotorus program 2017 photo editor.

It is an application to edit images easy to own and add some adjustments and it is completely free and available for download in the Google Play store,And you will learn today the most important application features, and we will talk about a comprehensive explanation of the latest version of the application is version 2.1, and is a very small size does not exceed 18 MB and immediately download it based on your store and install it will open the application and will appear with you and the interface is attractive and colorful and the first two icons to portray a new image intentionally modify them or open an image from the image archive located on your phone,Any we will, for example, open a copy of my photo and after it was opened by applying fotorus - Image Editor will show you the list of the boxes we will explain to you some of these fields in this post you can first improve image quality by the amendment by using the first box by making the picture hd quality,And increased lighting and from there Add beautiful effect by either No. 2 in the box, there you can work impacts on the image only once choice of influence and pressure on him will be applied directly to your photo and then adopt it by clicking on the box valider,The top right of the screen and in the case if you want to make some additions as an addition mustaches and glasses and work as part of the image, it is available in both fields the third and fourth
Block fifth dedicated to crop the image or cut part of it and to add the effect of blur on the image will apply the option of mise au box point and remember after work every pressure adjustment on valider We all know that improve image quality button is by increasing their clarity and their own lighting This application is available in today's luminosite option.
Important notes such applications are programmed only for people who are unable to use the Photoshop program and is dedicated solely to the work of some simple modifications mentioned above so indispensable to you for Photoshop if you want something very professional either just minor modifications, the application of a very good fotorus him.

Information about the program
Software Version: fotorus 2017
Developer: Fotoable, Inc
Program Size: 31.47 MB
Language of software: Supports many languages
System Requirements: Android operating system
Licensing Program: Free

Download fotorus for Android 
Download fotorus for iPone

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