Facebook Lite

Facebook has launched a major update to users of Facebook Lite application on the Android system, this update provides the ability to see videos with Internet speeds weak.
It is worth mentioning that the application of Facebook Lite is a lightweight version of the application for Facebook and the official target speed Internet weak, particularly developing countries, and that the low speed of the internet. The application supports a high number of 50 language as it is used in abundance in the State of India and the Philippines. Facebook Lite version consumes a very small data rate Compared to normal so favored by people who use the Internet on their mobile phones bouquets version. Facebook also announced that the new update of the application makes it works with all Internet communications with really high efficiency and in all cases, is also working on second-generation networks in places that have very weak LAN coverage.

Also bring new update for the application of Facebook Lite possibility of lifting more than one image on Facebook at once and also made available to see emoticons on publications. Finally, you can download the new update through the Google Play app store by pressing the icon down

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