The application Everalbum of cloud storage applications that have proven themselves in the recent period and in a short time is also a competitor that Google's cloud storage service named Google and also the paths Buckeyes Photos and service Wen Private Drive at Microsoft.

Everalbum application allows you to store and save photos and videos to online video indefinitely and keep them for life without lose it completely and return to it at any time you want. The application initially appeared on the IOS system and achieved wide fame and then set off for the Android platform. Like any well-known cloud storage service, the application of Everalbum provides you with a large free space and if you want more forgiveness you upgrade and purchase on demand. The program is useful in providing a large space on your mobile phone memory and use them in anything else rather than save photos and videos on them, where you can rely on the application to save the original images and their quality. The application lets you import images from other cloud storage services and social networking sites as a network Facebook or twitter or others. For security and privacy, then you will enjoy this application as a backup for your photos automatically works.

Everalbum application is available for free download on the Google Play store applications the size of 7.6 MB and runs on Android 4.1 system, what is the highest and is also available on the Apple Store in the size of 52.4 MB, you can download from the following icons.

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