Easy Voice Recorder

The application of Easy Voice Recorder of the distinctive Android applications in the field of audio recording, which comes to us this application a powerful set of tools that make it competitive with the rest of the programs and applications of audio recording and Claudio mobile phones smart.

Independent of means applying Easy Voice Recorder from the use of the formal application for audio recording and found in all Android phones by default, which is somewhat limited in terms of its built-in features. What distinguishes the most important application is the possibility of recording sounds very high quality, you can sign the quality of ACC or PCM available for you and also register the quality of AMR known. Available to you through the application possibility of the participation of the votes that were registered on social networks, whether on Facebook or Twitter network or other means, as you can synchronize these recordings on computers easily. Also apply Easy Voice Recorder gives you the possibility to record sound and is working in the background of the system. Finally, you can download the application for free through Google Play App Store of the following icon.

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