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Imo is a program of the most famous chat software and chat rooms are currently hugely popular globally, the program is considered a strong contender for months and chat chat programs such as Watts in August and the program Skype and Facebook Messenger and all other chat services such as Viper and Wayne
Imo program:

Basically imo program was designed to work on smart phones, whether Android or IOS different devices, but the developer recently released a new version with a private computer system and Windows. imo program depends on Internet connection speed Internet in the atmosphere is weak and this is what sets it apart from the rest of the other services that require high-speed Internet access. The program allows you to create free video calls are very high quality and high efficiency and connectivity without any cutting in the picture during a connection. Also be able to through the imo program from voice calls to any friend of yours around the world, as is the case with Skype completely. The program depends primarily on the quality of the connection, whether audio or video, and thus will give you the experience of using more than wonderful.

Imo features:

You may through  imo software make video calls is very high quality.
Free voice high audio quality also calls.
Chat directly with high-encryption system to protect the privacy and increase security.
imo gives you the possibility of the work group chat with several friends.
You may share your photos and videos and various files directly through the program without having to adjournment on any cloud storage service Google Drive or whether onedrive subsidiary of Microsoft.

After the inauguration of the imo program on your computer, you can open it and enter a user name and number of your mobile phone, in order to ensure the completion of the registration and send confirmation message. You can also invite your friends by choosing labeled Invite friends or you can postpone it any other time. Overall the program is very easy to use and requires no experience in handling. You can enjoy the program also through mobile phones, smart devices, whether tablet Android system or IOS system, whether Yvonne phones or iPad devices. Finally, the most important characteristic of imo is the protection system of higher and encryption, which is available by, where the developer has relied on this basis in order to protect users and provide safety high and privacy for them during a call, whether audio or video calls, as well as regular chat and send files.

You can download the program imo computer from here.




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