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Internet Mozilla Firefox browser program is one of the strongest programs, surf the Internet, where you can browse the web without problems and loading pages in the fastest time, the new program in the issuance of 40 supports the new Windows 10, the program also happened desertification Internet security screen, and prevent suspicious pages and malware from browsed, The program gives you a complete rest while you browse various online pages, where the software will install the web pages most visited Home for the site with the possibility of work and lists the best sites where the mode, and create a list of specific number of sites and classified.
The program is easy to use and is somewhat similar to Google Chrome program after the recent updates to the program and supports the Arabic language is the most powerful, as you can through the Firefox browser and watch video and play games without the need to install help programs such as Flash Player, The program contains a lot of add-ons that run on the browser and is Small in size, and can be installed with ease, Firefox of the fastest web browsers in loading web pages, it does not consume a lot of system resources compared with other special programs to surf the Internet.

You can also open more than one page at a time and load pages that contain games and graphics faster, characterized Firefox safe while browsing the various online sites, it helps to clean the matching records and prevent the save passwords to maintain privacy was updated browser version 45 and add improved support for display files video playback format mp4, writing through the keyboard on devices that support Windows 8 or more, integration and work with GNU / Linux, and improve the stability and promoting safety while browsing the Internet sites miscellaneous It is an important browser to all computers and improve the presentation of videos from YouTube and adjust operating animation rate

The new version of Mozilla Firefox 48:
1. Action miscellaneous security reforms to maintain privacy.
2. Firefox synchronization with other devices connected through the tabs.
3. fix some problems downloading cookies.
4. fix the problem go back to the previous page when using the location bar.
5. fix errors during video playback on the video drivers.
6. reform of copying and pasting a problem with some of the programs and applications.
7. fix problem pages crash-related virus programs.
8. improve safety in the surf websites with JavaScript.
9. work different security reforms.
10. support video playback VP9 files.
11. run YouTube videos with HTML5 videos.
12. Add buttons search and see videos on the side of the browser.
13. increase the security and anti-malware and Trojans.
14. automatic safety occur to deal with spyware.

Information from issuing Firefox program in 2016 for the computer
Software version: Mozilla Firefox 48
Release Date: August 2016
Developer: Mozilla Organization
Program size: 43.1 MB
Language of software: Supports many languages
System Requirements: All Windows versions
  Windows XP -Windows Vista- Windows7- Windows8 - Windows10

Download Firefox 48

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