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comodo Dragon program is a browser program is one of the sons of Google Chrome, which is distinct from Google Chrome that characterize privacy and modern updates for Google Chrome is a browser that is not well-known, but this does not prevent it from newly powerful browsers, comodo Dragon program submitted by Komodo outstanding company in the field of security and protection,Due to the large number of competition and program comodo Dragon is the growth of the Internet browsers of the strongest programs, surf the Internet recently appeared Because he have to update the continuous protection methods to protect data from the browsing of crooks and thieves, hackers in the Internet comodo Dragon in the browser effectively used in addition to the benefits of the protection provided by the company Komodo is built on Google Chrome, Programme comodo Dragon does the same browsing speed Google Chrome in addition to the high level of security in the browser, which never any other browser.

Form or interface comodo Dragon program

Its shape is very interesting because he is similar in shape and colors browser Google Chrome in 2017, but its speed and safety, making it the best in browsing now have a lot of people you can browser interface change through many different themes available to you You can also thread that you opened also you can clear your cookies, temporary files, log scan is incorporated in the exterior him between Opera and Google Chrome but it is a program that has many images and themes by which they can change shape.
Is fast browsing to its small size, so he became the fastest and most importantly, among the many internet browsers, which mostly lose protection element of data from cookies or hackers and thieves browser And through which the free browsing daemon which does not know its one is from browsing only and that's what looking for a lot of Internet users browsing daemon exists in most browsers to protect data from spyware, but Komodo Dragon program that allows you to browse security, even if you want to browse hidden.

Information about the program
Software Version: comodo dragon 2017
Developer: comodo
Program size: 53 MB
Language of software: Supports many languages
System Requirements: Windows All versions
Windows XP and Windows Vista- Windows7- Windows8
Licensing Program: Free

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