One of the most important things anyone has Android phone is surfing the web sites very quickly, especially if it uses one of the mobile Internet companies bouquets. In general, Google Chrome for Android software provides a very important feature called Chrome Custom Tabs, which allows this feature for application developers to add to their applications Different so that they can use Google Chrome within applications instead of adding your their browser, but this important feature of Google Chrome requires support from other applications or in other words from the developers of these applications, so we find some applications do not support this feature, and only your browser. But today, with the application of new Chromer will be able to force any application on your phone from opening links within the Google Chrome browser tabs.

In general Chromer application provides a lot of features, tools, and the most important is to download and open Web pages very quickly, and also provide data feature, which in turn will provide you with a lot physically when using the Internet Mobile as is the case with the application of the famous Opera Mini available. Finally, there is a lot in this application and you'll learn from his experience on your phone, you can also download it directly by clicking on the icon next to the shop Google Play applications.

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