Camera MX - Live Photo App

We talked earlier about the best imaging software for Android theme, and today offer you the Camera MX program, which falls under this list of the best photography software with the possibility of modifying and editing photos and videos.

Features Camera MX.
As we mentioned this program is one of the best Android programs specializing in photography, where he owns a distinctive set of tools that will make you able to pick up high-quality, sharp images in addition to the very important features of each photographer. The program is very easy to use, where the facade is characterized by a simple and easy-to-handle operation, which makes you able to imaging at high speed, whether you want to capture or video clips. Program provides you with a wide range Camera MX Of special effects pictures and videos, where the influence of the famous and also Lomo HDR and a lot available, and you can also adjust the brightness of images and videos, lighting and change colors and control the degree of saturation and you can also rotate the image to any angle. Camera MX application provides you with an exclusive range of imaging conditions, whether night mode or shooting pictures and personal snowfall and a special filming in daylight and lots mode.

Also has been added a new update of the program, which in addition Live Photos feature or as we call it live images characteristic that makes photography a vital and vibrant life, where you can capture several photos at the same time allowing to move for a few seconds or a small fraction of a second with the possibility to determine the interval, added to an audio clip from your mobile phone. After that will be able to convert images into a small video clip and share it with your friends on Facebook or Twitter.

Now you can download the program for free Camera MX size of 22 MB, by clicking on the icon next to the shop Google Play Android applications:


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