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More Android phones users are looking for programs and applications running on to change the sound during voice calls, so I ask you today through the site Forums Modern best program in this area, a Call voice changer program and directed to users of Android and iPhone as well.

Changing the sound during calls Call voice changer allows you vote rigging during a regular telephone calls and therefore can do comedy pranks with friends with ease. The most important characteristic of this program is that it does not require the powers of your root unlike most other Android applications. Voice changing software provides you with the possibility during calls volume control and turn it to the voice of a child or an old man, for example, where the application on manipulation works In the original tone of your voice and transferring it to other sounds. You can also sound the voice of an animal or a woman conversion. After downloading the application on your mobile phone, whether Android or Iphone, and then open it where you will see the main operating interface of the program as shown in the picture. You may change the sound through the program during calls writing a certain number to contact him directly and then pressing the Call button. And began to change your voice during a call, you can control the audio effects through different types provided by your application during phone calls.

Now you can download a program to change the sound during calls Call Voice Changer for Android phones and Yvonne for free through the following icons:

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