Alfred - Home Security Camera

Alfred with the application will be able to transform your mobile phone camera which works by Android camera to monitor the household, where you can monitor what is going on in your home anywhere in it.

Your use of the program Alfred independent of means from the use or purchase of household camera surveillance IP, which of course will cost a lot of money. The most important characteristic of this application is that it is free and available to all users at no cost. To take advantage of the program you bring Android phone other than the one you use, it is to be as a camera. The phone, which will be used is the offer that it will appear each portrayed the other phone screen. You will sign the two devices by Emil Gmail, a subsidiary of Google. Application of the most prominent features is that it gives you a high-quality, clear images and this of course depends on the signal strength of the Internet on your mobile phone. You can use the Internet antenna Wi-Fi, if available inside your home so instead of using the Internet Mobile telecom companies, which can cost you a high cost. Alfred can download by clicking on the icon next to the shop Google Play Android applications only the size of 7.9 MB.

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