Most of us know about the program AIMP, which has several different two versions for PC, but today you ask a private version of it running on Android system. This application allows you to run all audio formats, without exception, on your mobile phone, but characteristically.

If you do not want to continue with the deal with the default application located on any Android phone, you can use an application AIMP alternative. It will provide everything a distinctive and professional tools. The application allows you to use a different theme for the outer shape of the year, and you can use it to run multiple audio menus. Application on a very important feature contains a scheduling, which allows you to audio clips run at specific times.

AIMP application running on radio stations advantage by phone directly also contains. There are also other tools such as the possibility of creating a widget on the phone home screen and rapid control in the program. Finally, you can download the application free of the size of 3.8 MB and so by going to the Google Play app store icon of the following:

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