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Is Waterfox browser faster and better Internet browsers has won the trust of millions of computer users in a short time, everybody knows the famous outstanding performance Firefox web browser has the producing company to issue many browsers like Firefox browser to contain additional and distinctive features and these browsers and tendon Fox which features high speed in the open all the web sites of videos sites, photos, and continues to social and other, Waterfox browser works on devices that have 64-bit operating system, the browser updates itself automatically via the internet connection, a way to install the program very easy and in the case of a Firefox program on the device Waterfox browser and the Firefox browser using databases spontaneously and can not remove one without the other.
Lets you browser and Waterfox surf the Internet favorite sites at high speed, such as YouTube and vimeo and Netflix, the browser on the translation C ++ language support, making it more speed on the most popular browsers, the program an educational tool to help you how to use it, the program contains a wish list to put the sites you visit constantly in it, which makes it easy to access them again, the program saves e-mail and passwords that you use, the browser provides a great deal of safety while browsing the internet will prevent viruses, spyware and trojans to penetrate the computer and ease of conducting financial transactions through electronic shopping easily and either completely without fear from stealing your financial information and your data, the program helps you in maintaining your privacy where you can clear traces of browsing to prevent hackers from track you, the program supports Windows XP 64-bit and 32, a free browser and emerging to surf the internet at high speed and safely complete system.

Information from issuing Waterfox program for the computer
Software version: Waterfox 47.0.1
Release Date: July 2016
Developer: Waterfox
Program size: 46.1 MB
Language of software: Supports many languages
System Requirements: All Windows versions
Windows XP -Windows Vista- Windows 7- Windows 8

Waterfox download software for the computer

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