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It is obvious to everyone intense competition between browsers and software companies in the development of browsers in terms of speed in browsing, support all types of devices and screens, device resources consumption and has recently Microsoft company to test for some browsers, which resulted in the new browser does not consume a lot of resources appliances,But today we will learn about the Torch torch browser, which is a free browser is open source and is similar to a large extent browser Spark, but it is characterized by many of the other features you will learn about it and the browser Torch more, God willing, what is the Torch torch browser is a browser Free open-source supporter of the property run torrent files as quickly and is characterized by highs and power, and is developing a giant company in the field of software

Torch torch browser features:
As we know, every browser but each program is characterized by many of the specifications and features from other programs the competition, and it is due to the developers who are working hard to make the best of their programs, and Torch torch browser like other global browsers, it has many amazing features and that notably direct download files torrent support, You're not any need for any additional software to start downloading torrent all files have to do is click on the torrent file to be opened directly in the new window and immediately start the download process either download hand, P Torch torch browser comes a new feature is completely different from the Firefox browser is the access to the settings of your browser and activate the full power of the internet use of the property in order to get the download speed and fanciful as if you've Linking the browser with a download accelerator programs but without any additions and new Torch Browser is can you download any video either from YouTube or any other site, and is available with a window for direct access to all what you have downloaded directly was similar to those in Google Chrome famous and is so saves you the trouble of searching it. Fictional features added to the Torch browser in this paragraph, we will look to extra features fictional brought her Torch browser, and the first is, and the best one is the ability to see the contents of the torrent files during download, but what benefit It? Useful in this property is that you will not wait for the end of the download the file for shock after it opened as containing other files, contrary to the title, while the second feature that distinguishes Torch torch browser are protectionist feature, you, dear reader, to protect your privacy while you browse websites using the Torch is a very important advantage given browser great value to users, and then by changing your IP address to your computer or your device directly from your browser, and thus, you will not need any additions driven or false additions to protect your privacy and the last feature will explain it in This paragraph are spontaneous participation of the web pages feature the entire contents directly to social networking sites or other sites, and this is what made him fall under the social browsers class load your browser and install it: you can download the browser Torch directly from its official website, or from any other site, Only by enough for you to look for in the Google search engine and you'll find no further than, either the other hand, as usual installation process, approval of the terms, next, and then end the program as any in the world in the ease of installation and accuracy at work.

Information about the program
Software version: torch browser
Developer: torch browser
Program size: 1.6 MB
Language of software: Supports many languages
System Requirements: Windows All versions
Windows XP and Windows Vista- Windows 7- Windows 8
Licensing Program: Free
Download torch browser program :

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