Download Tor Browser

Choose to download the Tor Browser and the use of the computer is the best in terms of safety while browsing the Internet, this browser is working to improve the user and the security of its information Use Privacy own shall be individuals and institutions have the ability to share information without compromising the privacy of all of them and call it sometimes also browser bulb given its own atmosphere, which leaf-like shape onion also contains browser Tor on a wide range of hidden features that lend themselves to developers and owners of various Internet sites where he works largely on data protection and information transfer protects you against a common form known as Monitoring the Internet "traffic analysis." Traffic analysis can be used to infer that It occurs through the public network. The program features several advantages are as follows

  • Easy to use and fast
  • It provides a large degree of maintaining the privacy of Use
  • It supports the possibility of stealth while browsing the Internet
  • During the installation of the browser, user finds that this is easily
  • Available in many languages and Arabic are also available

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