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Password Depot program of important programs that work to protect and organize all your passwords, helps the program to reach the passwords and keep them from oblivion speed, the program provides full protection for all of your account information and software licenses, program is divided work into three sections provide total safety for your passwords and use the data in a secure and establish strong passwords difficult to access, the program depends on algorithms AES or Rijndael 256, which operates on the passwords are encrypted by the forces to prevent any one of the obtained, the program dual protection provides through the use of strong passwords twice: first a strong password to open the file and the other to secure important within the file information, the program a great ability to protect traffic from spam bots words, where the program will be closed for 3 Seconds after entering an incorrect password, to increase the safety program contains the lock feature Lock function, which allows the program to shut down the conditions to be determined by, for example, the program does not serve only in a certain period during the day and closes the rest of the day.

The program will back up your passwords and then stored on FTP servers or on the hard disk, the program is easy to use and helps to save passwords for e-mail and social networking such as Facebook sites and Twitter were the software update and add improvements to the user interface and fix minor bugs and correct synchronization between lyrics an error password files and server software and support for cloud storage and you can download a trial version of the software to hide and encrypt files with words strong password.

Information from issuing Password Depot program for the computer
Software version: Password Depot 9.1.3
Release Date: July 2016
Developer: AceBIT
Program size: 33.7 MB
Language of software: Supports many languages
System Requirements: All Windows versions
Windows XP -Windows Vista- Windows7- Windows8
Software license: Trial

Download Password Depot program for the computer

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