Download Oracle VM VirtualBox 5.0.24

Creation program and create virtual machines on your computer to install different operating systems, Virtual Box free application will help you create virtual machines by configuring the default settings roughly equivalent to the real hardware settings, you can select the default memory capacity (Memory) and the speed of the processor (CPU) and size the default hard drive (HDD) for the installation of a wide range of virtual operating systems and various applications installed, such as the installation of the Windows operating system (Windows) and (Linux) and Macintosh (Mac OS), Virtual Box program Enjoys interface organization and simple and easy to use you can direct the establishment of a virtual machine specifications that you want, you can choose a random amount of memory and disk solid and select the operating system you want to install it on a virtual machine and the program will install a total of default settings, such as the type sound card settings and graphics card and display card and USB ports and disks and other settings, to become your imaginary ready to start the process of installing the operating system by selecting the ISO (ISO file) Includes the preferred operating system you have such a system Windows operating or Linux, then you can install the operating system in the normal manner as if you are installing on a real computer, you can create virtual machines, and the experience of installing a large group of phantom operating systems on your computer without affecting the real computer and navigate between these hardware settings default smoothly. Virtual Box program that supports the installation of all types of operating systems and allows you to make a backup copy of the virtual machines and save them on your computer and you can restore them by pressing a single button, the program is also lightweight and compatible with all Windows operating systems.

Virtual Box (Oracle VM Virtual Box software) is a powerful solutions and free, which gives an opportunity for users to create virtual machines computer fake in simple steps and experience install multiple operating systems on one computer, you can install Windows eight and installation of Linux Ubuntu system and employment in the same time and benefit from the advantages of the applications of these systems without the need to purchase multiple computers to do so, the program is light on the system and consumes few resources of the processor and memory, as you can reset the settings of virtual machines that you created earlier, such as increasing the amount of memory and processor and disk size steel, you can now download Virtual Box program and use it on your computer to create virtual machines for free and for life.
Information about the program
Program: v5.0.24 r108355 version
  Program size: 108MB
  Software license: Freeware "Free"
  Last Updated: 06/29/2016
  OS: 10 / Vista / 7/8
  Last Download: 01/07/2016 05:41 PM
  Downloads: 1571
  Rating: 4.1 / 5
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