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ooVoo program Darshh of distinct programs to conduct voice conversations and chat with friends and check on relatives all over the world and find out the latest news of them and share photos and happy moments and files through outstanding application and available for free for PC and one of the largest chat software video prevalent and load ranging program users 100 000 000 person and easy to search for friends, is characterized by its small size program ooVoo facade Simple and easy to operate by creating a new account on the program and the introduction of a strong password or login through Facebook can work groups to chat and voice calls sound and high image quality of communication between you and the possibility of call recording and exchange and share video clips and digital personal photos easily, high-speed and are presented Group related to screen Showing an independent program, which is similar to Skype program in operation and is compatible with all versions of Windows and is adding 100,000 users a day almost to enjoy the wonderful program,

OoVoo software features
1. possibility of sending large files up to 25 MB.
2. conduct chat and chat with number six people at one time.
3. invite friends to the program and make calls and chat with high quality.
4. Find friends and find new friends.
5. make video calls and calls landlines.
Information from issuing ooVoo software for PC
Software version: ooVoo
Year of release: April 2016
Developer: ooVoo
Program size: 2.28 Mb
Language of software: Supports many languages
System Requirements: All Windows versions
Windows XP -Windows Vista- Windows7- Windows8,10
Software License: Free
Download ooVoo Ofu program audio, video, computer calls

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