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Experimental game: BETA - DEMO

Famous game GTA for a host of other adventure games and speed due to the renewal of how to play and the story that revolves around the game, where it became this game on the list of racing games, it includes aspects of adventure, speed and Action distinctive elements that are looking for gamer, even game GTA has become a place of interest and a large follow-up of a lot of people found their pleasure true in this game

Toy Story GTA 2016:

Continuing as usual in the development of renewable touches on their games, the company has designed for the game worked to develop competencies and brilliant interesting where and capabilities, in addition to the diversity of playing styles of the thief cars, the game has been added many shapes and graphics excellence and that interact with the course of the game, in addition to providing places and regions that is where the escape and thus new areas opened to run the race operations and escape from the police, the confrontation including the fight adds more thrill and excitement...
Game GTA edition for 2015 assume many of the updates that continue the game champion CJ defiance of the police and escape them, and will remain in his career as a driver for a taxi and grand theft auto and multiple escape routes and determination always is to escape away from the hands of the police, in order to escape operations in many and filled populated streets amid the congestion to continue his escape away and end his duties at liberty, and during his escape will tour the streets and cross-shore and in front of the sea.

Developing the capacity CJ:

D version of the game for 2016 included the development of the main character and hero of the game CJ to develop his skills, where he could live a normal life through which to go to restaurants and the work of leisure trips in addition to his physical infrastructure development by going to the gym and exercise, capabilities being developed will be a great addition on the game and the level of their adventures ..

Your roles in the Grand Theft Auto GTA:

The game GTA on the role of escape from police using various ways to do so, police are lying in wait for you wherever you go and you'll always run away and not to fall into their hands so as not received in prison, will be stealing varied cars and walk around in the streets of cities all before the eyes of the people, but you hide from the attention of the police, who come from where you do not expect, and at other times exposed to fight with various weapons provided by you to the game to engage in combat atmosphere exciting, the role actually varies between the escape and the chase if exposed for a confrontation with anyone, including the police, will be different roles at once would add a lot of challenge and adventure.

Game play GTA 2016 requirements:
The company has always designed for the game by making the game the possibilities of each medium work on all operating systems, and do not need many of the requirements in order to be enjoyed, where we find that they need to specifications similar to the following:

Operating Systems: The game is a record run on operating systems (Windows 7, 8, 8,1) to be 64 bytes.
RAM: The game works on the RAM 4 GB and higher.
Processor: The game provides two types of processor: For processor AMD Phenom Q 9850 speeds of 2.5 GHz The Intel Core 2 Q 6600 processor speeds of 2.4 GHz.
VGA card: you can choose between the following two types: For card NVIDIA GeForce 1 GB The card AMD Redeon HD 1 GB.
Hard Disk: You need the game on an empty hard disk space of 40 GB.

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