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Glary Utilities Program Free and specializes in removing data unwanted files and work on improving the performance of your PC thanks to its many tools and features impressive, with the program to clean up the computer and repair the files, the program to protect your computer from malware and malicious software, Trojans and waste programs, temporary files, which increases the speed of the computer, the software is easy to use interface and has a distinctive and suitable for all users With one click, the computer program is based on a program to improve the performance of your computer, the program increases the storage space by getting rid of files and data unwanted.

The software maintains the Registry, which maintains the computer, the program helps to get rid of the files and programs incurable unimportant from the root which increases the area of the hard disk, the program is characterized by large encryption capability and decry-pt files in addition to the possibility of restoring deleted files, the program management elements start device drivers and improved RAM, the program helps in fast and easy access to some facilities, such as Windows system backup and restore and others, the program includes more than 20 tools to improve the performance of your PC.

The program relies on modern techniques help him to reach the mistakes of the system and to repair it and increase the speed of your computer and wipe traces of surfing the Internet and cookies to increase the speed of your computer's speed, keeping the program on your privacy while browsing the Internet and scans all traces of surfing the web from your computer, it is watching the program in Disk Défragmenter steel as well as the process of organizing the data, you can easily get to the duplicate files and get rid of the non-data
Desirable ones to increase storage capacity through the use of Free and available Glary Utilities program is also a copy of the phones that run on Android system and free to clean the mobile phone and the program forces to monitor and remove the programs installed on your computer from the root at high speed and delete programs and files frequent and easy memory control and the remaining space in the hard disk and vision against the backdrop of the outstanding program and you can download the free version of the program to clean up and increase the speed performance of the work computer.

Information for the issuance of Glary Utilities Program
Software Version: Glary Utilities
Release Date: July 2016
Developer: GlarySoft Inc
Program size: 15.6 MB
Language of software: Supports many languages
System Requirements: All Windows versions
Windows XP -Windows Vista- Windows7- Windows8
Software License: Free
Download Glary Utilities program to speed up your computer

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