Download game Pokemon GO for Android and iPhone and PC

Having been launched game Pokemon Pokemon GO Joe in the Google Play app store and Apple store and there is a very large number of downloads of this game and spread very quickly among the global mobile smartphone users of all kinds and versions. As I mentioned the game Pokemon Joe Pokemon GO customized for smartphones that run the Android operating system and also Yvonne and devices that run IOS are generally different versions system phones.

What game Pokemon Joe Pokemon GO:
First, the game is developing and producing the famous Niantic company and made available to all free of charge and without any expenses, spin the idea of the game Pokemon Joe Pokemon GO catching Pokemon that appear to you when you start racing in the direct play, the more you hunt large number of Pokemon with features that may be obtained within the game and also it will increase the level at which you are in. In general, the game now has a very large global popularity in a very short time and has a very large number of downloads on the applications stores and in the lead now. Game Pokemon Joe Pokemon GO provides guidance for beginners or those who have never played the game and so before starting to play.

The main reason for the fame game Pokemon Pokemon Joe GO is the date given by, where it goes back to 20 years ago, where she was playing in white, black or also known as the traditional game of Pokemon, which was located on the old game consoles. Also, we note that the name of the game is the name of the Japanese base and is a compound name means pocket monster. After downloading the game Pokemon Joe Pokemon GO, you must work for a new player account in order to start racing in the play, where you must choose the name of the user in order to the new account work is not required to have is your real name be sufficient in the name of an alias of your choice, provided that this does not have alias used by another player.

How to Play:
Pokemon or Pocket Monsters initially be completely hidden, and you should search you out in the world and when you find them and they will show you approach them directly because of the radar device located in the game, then you approach them and arrest them. You can play during the direct movement and be walking all over the city, who is with you, parks and shopping areas in order to collect the largest number of monsters and Pokemon. It is worth mentioning that the red balls and white are with you in the game Pokemon GO will be used in the arrest of Pokemon, by throwing them out, as quickly are Pokemon by these balls and thus get you on this monster and be yours, and so on throughout the game. During gameplay, you will notice the presence of cubes called PokeStops other things called PokeBalls which is to enhance the power and capabilities of Pokemon obtained in the inside game.
Download game Pokemon Joe Pokemon GO.
Can all Android and iPhone users download the game directly through the Google Play app store size of 58 MB and Apple applications store the size of 110 Mb by clicking on the following icons:

Users can also download Android from this link.

To play a game Pokemon GO on your computer requires you to the inauguration of a simulated Android software on your computer, but not the famous BlueStacks program, after his inauguration on your computer you can search for the name of the game through the gravel in his box, and then downloaded directly through the simulation program and play on computer with ease. You can download the BlueStacks through the following link:
Finally, you can inquire about anything about the game Pokemon GO and issues that confront you during gameplay by placing the suspension bottom of the page and we will respond to all the messages, God willing.

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