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Everyone is always looking for programs and applications for various file management on your phone which runs Android system, in order to easy and quick access to the files, and run it instead of the traditional ways in which we know it, with the application File Expert free and is currently available on the Google Play store will be able to so with professional and easily.

The Application File Expert from better management Android Files Software is a strong competitor for the rest of the famous in this area applications, due to the contents of the distinctive Widgets allow you to take full control of files, photos and videos that are stored on the phone's memory, whether external or internal. Of the most important features found in Application File Expert is the possibility of controlling the system files and access and deal with them quite easily. The program also gives you the possibility of dealing with with cloud storage services and the possibility of organizing files in the form of a hierarchy and the specific rankings. The application provides you with a search engine to search for any file on your phone in order to quick access to him, and also show you the program file size as a whole and the number of sub-files in it, as there is a very important feature sought by many is the possibility to delete any file permanently without retrieving again . Finally, there are many possibilities Hereafter you'll learn it when the application on your mobile phone, such as the possibility of decoding and compress files experience, there is also an important tool to convert to convert Microsoft Office files to format PDF PDF, there are also a tool for scanning and applications that have been installed on your phone instead of the traditional way . Finally, you can carry the application File Expert for free from the following icon size of 5.1 MB.

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