Download Facebook Messenger

If you often use Facebook chat, you can download the latest software Facebook Messenger Facebook Messenger because you can send and receive instant messages directly on your Android device.
Will let you program Facebook Messenger to share pictures and your media and your location if you want directly in the messages and you can also ensure that your messages to multiple recipients, and windows that open conversation with multiple people at one time or in the form of chat groups or conversation.

You can make it receives audible alarms or perform vibrations at every time when you receive a message, and you can also be received via text message (from a phone to another phone) if the person you want to contact him does not use Facebook Messenger.
It also supports video and voice calls for free from anywhere requires only that you have the Android browser or Internet device!

Facebook Messenger application shall be obtained from any user uses Facebook Thanks to him so much you can quickly communicate with all your friends and acquaintances, from anywhere and at any time.

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