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In light of the great demand by users of Android phones on the programs and applications to speed up those phones, offer you DU Speed Booster program that will cater to this purpose and makes your phone runs Android skyrocketing, as is the case with the Clean Master program, which we introduced earlier.

DU Speed ​​Booster program came specifically to meet the needs of Android users to accelerate their phones to the maximum extent possible, the program provides a powerful solution for the treatment of the problem of slow Android phones and accelerate Android and raising the efficiency of the system in general. The DU Speed ​​Booster program alerts you periodically the status of the phone and give warnings in case of a temporary files unwanted slow down the speed of the phone and also make periodic maintenance for Android equally spaced. What distinguishes the application that you can work full maintenance and improvement of the speed of the phone through the click of a button.

DU Speed ​​Booster program works to improve the performance of random memory "RAM" and automatically stop the programs, applications and games that run in the background of the system, which makes it a slow and the unloading RAM work. There are some other tools in the application, such as a special instrument measuring the download speed and lift the Internet, whether you are using a mobile internet network or Wi-Fi networks, there are also add special departments of the applications that are installed on your mobile phone and there is also a special protection and safety tool to protect your Android from viruses on the internet.

Now you can download the program DU Speed Booster for Android from here, or through the Google App Store icon of the following ..

For download from the Google Play store
Download the APK

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