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Download game wonderful sweets Candy Frozen will go away in the wonderful world of sweets with this entertaining and wonderful game that are brighter here your job to do to mobilize and collect the largest number possible and the amount of desserts and wonderful in front of you the task will not be easy as there are a lot of similar sweets but scattered here and there and all place just move your pieces in front of you for like-them gather in one place, whether horizontal or vertical but remember that every step and every movement you calculated for this he tried to play very carefully and skillfully so that they can get a larger amount Vega Possible points within the Download game wonderful sweets Candy Frozen Do not stop any level and any stage, but continued to play and continue challenging whatever the size of difficulty where you can actually win and surpass the difficulties, no matter how its size and all you need is to do the most it can from effort and skillfully and strength in order to achieve victories and winning at all stages all stages of this game fascinating and finalizing this course, if you are able to enjoy a fun and fantastic time at all stages excellence that await you here Come play it and proven abilities to solve all the puzzles now magnitude 7.3 megapixel which is a game of mobile games ( Mobile) dedicated to the android system for this she works on mobile phones that work with this system ..

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