Download Call of Duty 4

Download Call of Duty 4 for windows

Launched from this game the whole series and here we go give you Download game Call of Duty 4 for the computer link one compressed the possibility of this version of the game completed what was in previous versions and the name of the game is Call of Duty, or Call of Duty, where considered this game one of the best and most powerful games Action has been fighting and the game got a lot of awards and the idea of this game is that you are one of the leaders of the US Navy, and you have a mission to save a tank seized the following show you the most important

Features of the game Call of Duty 4:
  1. High-resolution game graphics are very
  2. Voices fantastic game
  3. Containing the game on the way to play much improved
  4. Was all defects that were previous versions reform
  5. It is not slow and do not cause slow
  6. Do not consume system resources
  7. Available three-dimensional technology

You need the game to the speed and the concentration of strong to accomplish the required tasks successfully and become a game smarter much better in everything from previous versions, even in graphics and graphics within the game, where she designed a new model, which is the latest of what has been reached until this time in the world of strobe effects

About the game

Game Size: 1.4 GB almost bytes

The game's official website: http://www.callofduty.com/cod2

The game compatibility with operating systems: Windows 7, Windows XP, Windows 8, Windows Vista

The game licenses: Pilot

Loading game

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