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Game Action and excitement Block N Load Online
Stronger action games and shooting (FPS Games)

Hello and welcome our distinguished guests. Today our gift to all those interested in online games .. especially shooting and war type of FPS Games Games
The action game with distinctive and unique kind of excitement Block N Load Block that friendliness is a game of fighting and great new features.

It is integrated one-month ideas Games prevalent around the world in a single game. Imagine a game on the way Contra Strike with Minecraft addition to League of Legends 
Play a tactical system depends on strategic cooperation between the team. Start play in a team of five players against five other players. The battle begins with possession of a map on the screen showing the whereabouts of the enemy and its own buildings. The areas of the team that must be defended. You can use the weapons to fight with the great variety of weapons as pistols, machine guns, rocket launcher, knives, and mortars. It will also be necessary to destroy buildings and bridges of For the enemy team using special demolition of buildings and tunneling equipment behind enemy defenses. The motivation for the team to use traps and poison and glue buildings. You can build buildings and traps and cubes wee things that need to be skilled in construction. There are ways to play such as the fight to the enemy and engage directly or battle strategy depends on the attack, destruction, and defense system. Renk system and play a pro to get the order and join championship teams.

The graphic game more than wonderful supported and sound effects simulation of reality. With the sexy style of play
Photos from inside the game and the excitement Action Block N Load

Run game requirements required * or higher.

Processor: Dual Core CPU 2.0 GHz (Intel Core 2 Duo or Athlon X2)

Memory: 3 GB RAM / card screen: (NVidia GeForce 8800 GT)

Internet connection / DirectX 11 program

Action game: XP / Vista / Windows 7 / Windows 8 / Windows 10 environment

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Video game (the official announcement of the game Block N Load Online

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