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Read the text Balabolka program, a free application that helps you convert text to read and words audible, you can use Balabolka program and transform the entire text file into an audio file format MP3 MP3, and this helps you to listen to your lessons, rather than the effort to read, you can Estrada file Text txt or Ward Word file and convert it to speech very quickly, and save it on your computer, the program Balabolka has a simple interface and easy-to-use lets you convert all types of text to voice so that the program works to read the text file in a clear voice, and the concept of and Balabolka free program to convert text to speech strongly supports the English language and supports many other languages.

There are a lot of users and students who wish to listen to lectures and lessons instead of reading it to save a lot of effort, you can now text Switch to voice with ease and using free Blaboleka program (Balabolka) to convert text to audio files, how to use the program is done by copying the text in the dialog box for the program to read it and turn it into an audio file! You can then keep doing on your computer, you can now download Balabolka program to convert text into voice and the words on your computer for free and for life.

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