Application Andro Shredder to delete files on your phone before a final sale

When you think of selling your mobile phone must to think too much about how to scan files on him, especially the pictures and personal videos, which do not want to be viewed by one. In general, the regular delete files methods used have been circumvented, where we find programs and applications currently used to restore any deleted file, whether external or internal phone memory, or until the computer files. Today, with Andro Shredder program for Android phones will be able to delete files on the phone once and for all without restoring again and so if you want to sell the phone to anyone else.

With the application of Andro Shredder is no need to worry about the final, where it will delete all files, whether images or videos or any other ordinary You will not anyone can be restored again no matter how hard. The program also gives you the ability to search for any file stored inside the phone and the possibility to view the files on it and previewed directly before you delete them.

As I mentioned to you, the Andro Shredder program deals with all of the internal memory of the phone and also the external memory attached to it. Of the features found in the application that can also scan SMS messages once and for all and own database. Finally, you can download the application for free through Google Play app store the size of the following icon.

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