Photoshop Cs4 Portable

Name: Photoshop
Manufacturer / developer: Adobe Version: 11 .. and fourth ofthecalled Creative Suite -CS versions

Functionality: Program amendment to the images primarily .. It can be used for design purposes ..but he is not a specialist of that program

Why CS4?

Contained the new version of this program on a lot of new features that were not in its 

predecessors .. and we will mention here the main points of these features:

Enjoy the full capacity on the drawing three-dimensional 3D 

Put three-dimensional models, add after the depth of the images and texts, and enjoy the produce business formulas known tri-dimensional programs ..

Add plate disciple Adjustments Panel

Where he was converted List Adjustments known for modifying the images, a clear box, to make it easier for the user adjust the image and change them as he wants, with all types of known disciple: (levels, hue-saturation, gradient map), etc ..

Improved printing options

By improving color management features and add several other features, to produce the best of the printed image and the clearest picture ..

And this is a lot, to enjoy it and discover yourself.

Photoshop CS4 portable

It does not need the installation of the computer because it is a portable version.

Dwonload Photoshop CS4 Programe :

Download Photoshop Cs5

Download Photoshop Cs6

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