With you today my friends in order to talk about a new program that
works emulator for Android applications on the computer. Koplayer program named after his experience he found no problems with the graphics and experienced by a majority with blue sticks emulator famous. The emulator works well with Android games if you're a fan of playing phone! You can go to play the same games on the computer with this most wonderful emulator.

Some of the strengths of the program are to Koplayer being first does not require significant resources from the computer, it is also smooth in handling and supports most of the computers Graphics Accelerator, also fronted graphical easy to handle.

From my perspective, the program is supporting more games from other applications, of course, this does not mean that the program to support the run Android applications), this is what I observed through the features that have been incorporated into the program. For example, the load time of the game is faster than its rivals. Nothingness to the problems of the FPS does not make the computer slow when you start playing! All this makes the program of the programs that I would recommend it downloaded and run on your computer.

Koplayer also provides a recording feature games and this will greatly facilitate it on Android games in order to record their games but, especially those who carry out audits of the Games as well as the YouTube channels. And most importantly that you can run more than a game and shooting each one separately!

You can experience the program through the link underneath, where you can either download the trial version or the final of Koplayer


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