Skype 2016

Download link Skype 2016 program, which is of the most famous social networking programs through audio and video with the advantage of the many unique features of the other programs competing for him, which made him the first program in this area.

It supports Skype Call phones and mobile ground at much cheaper prices for traditional companies with a reliable many users at that point because of Iforh cheaply, especially for international calls in some cases, Skype owner Microsoft Announces Promotions.
Features 2016 Skype program

What sets it apart is the support to communicate by voice and excellent video quality without interference or hacking.
It supports text chat and sends pictures and files are very large in size and expressive drawings as well.
You can create a chat room, you and your friends for a meeting, for example, and talk sound and image, but it only supports up to 10 people as video but the sound is open.
You can log in via e Hotmail or through a Facebook account.

Faced Skype program in 2016

The interface is very beautiful and you get continuous updates by Microsoft on a regular basis and you can also follow your Facebook through Skype software easily so do not leave you do not miss important events and you can invite your friends on Facebook or search for them on Skype.

2016 download Skype software
You can get a link to download the latest version of the full, through the official website, which you can download your copy compatible with the kernel of the operating system you're working on a push of a button through the following link:

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