SubwaySurfers 2016

Download link game Subway Sarfers 2016 Subway Surfers new computer and mobile all kinds of the latest version for free, and since you're here, surely you are a fan of the game Subway Surfes Almahawkh by millions.

And it is nice to have become available for download to all systems Kaloandoz, Android, iPhone, Windows Phone, thanks to the distinctive and attractive way to play that characterizes the spread heavily on mobile phones Almost no one owns a smartphone and has not experienced that game.

Game Subway Surfes
The idea of ​​the game is based on a small "naughty" boy trying to tamper with a railroad train, but up like all the games you will find it prevents you from that where there is a very personal one policeman, trying to chase the hope of your constipation to be penalized on the crime that you have made, and during the chase you the biggest compiled as possible gold coins.

Where you'll need it later to pass the game missions and buy some things, but the main idea is to try to escape for as long as possible the idea of ​​raising the final result which is the most important motivation for cutting selves to increase those points.

The game Subway Surfes is updated continuously so that each update represents a new stage in the game, and also different design, and those updates are what make such a wonderful sense of the word game.

Download game Subway Sarfers
You can download the latest version of the game today, directly through the following link :

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