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Download Kingdom Rush Game of war games, wars, and war strategy games, in the wild forests there is a group of castles under the control of our empire These strategic castles are located in a very important place in the world This importance has made these castles a lot of enemies covet and try Attack from time to time ..
Bhutto the villain has mobilized all his strength in the last days as our soldiers told us of the mass attack and this time we want Bhutto in any way to occupy the castles your task Hero, lead our unified army to defend the castles and defeat the enemy Arrange the soldiers in the defense and equipped castles defending the latest weapons and Be ready to confront the soldiers of the evil enemy Bhutto Click on the castles of the defense to select the appropriate weapon .. After killing a group of enemy soldiers, loot their weapons and equipment and equip more of your soldiers and put them in the face of the enemy
After every stage of the game of fighting the army Kingdom Rush where you are the winner will be given a quantity of gold and a set of gear received and mocked in the next battle in this game there is no place for the cowards and no place for those who fear war and murder and remember at any stage did not make the three stars You can return the battle again and avoid the mistakes that occurred in the previous battle Download the game of fighting the army Kingdom Rush size 24 MB ready for direct download now!
And do not forget that the epic battles and fateful battles waiting for you to fight and crush many of the villains, whatever their fighting power and the war was one of the heroes of war through this wonderful game and carry it now with all force and play it fiercely,

Kingdom Rush

Kingdom Rush

Kingdom Rush
Kingdom Rush

Kingdom Rush

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